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Four pounds... foooour pounds as if two pounds wasn't bad enough. we're talking two three hundred boxes of sinus pills there ain't that many Smurfs in the world.

Massive Flexbox

A tiara... a white gold tiara for a newborn baby. Yeah... you know, I think she got that at Gertrude Zachary's in Nob Hill.

Storied Flexbox

What's your name? Have a seat, Heisenberg. What is this shit? This is blue. TIGHT! Tight, tight, YEAH! Oh, blue, yellow, pink. Whatever, man.

Code Along

Just keep bringing me that. Alright. Money up front. Sometimes you got to rob to keep your riches, just as long as we got an understanding.


Walter, I'm your lawyer. Anything you say to me is totally privileged. I'm not in the shakedown racket. I'm a lawyer. Even drug dealers need lawyers, right? Especially drug dealers.